Electronic Fuel Injected (EFI)
Item  12V250 16V250
Engine Data    
Number of cylinder 12 16
Stroke cycle 4 4
Cylinder arrangement V V
Bore 250mm(9.8 in) 250mm(9.8 in)
Stroke 320mm(12.6 in) 320mm(12.6 in)
Compression ratio 16.8:1 16.8:1
Power Output at 900 rpm    
Continuous 2726 kw(3655hp) 3632 kw(4870 hp)
Maximum 2998 kw(4020 hp) 3997 kw(5360 hp)
Power Output at 1000 rpm    
Continuous 3028 kw(4060 hp) 4038 kw(5415 hp)
Maximum 3330 kw(4465 hp) 4441 kw(5955 hp)
Power Output at 1050 rpm    
Continuous 3180 kw(4265 hp) 4239 kw(5685 hp)
Maximum 3497 kw(4690 hp) 4661 kw(6250 hp)
Engine Dimensions    
A Length 4154 mm(164 in) 4988 mm(196 in)
B Width 1708 mm(67 in) 1708 mm(67 in)
C Height w/deep sump 2832 mm(112 in) 2917 mm(115 in)
C Height w/shallow sump 2717 mm(107 in) 2717 mm(107 in)
D Crankshaft center line to deep sump 1077 mm(42 in) 1162 mm(46 in)
D Crankshaft center line to shallow sump 962 mm(38 in) 962 mm(38 in)
E Crankshaft center line to mounting feet 536 mm(21 in) 536 mm(21 in)
Exhaust diameter 610 mm(24 in) 610 mm(24 in)
Dry weight 20,185kg(44,500 lbs) 23,587kg(52,000 lbs)

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